Camaiore Rock Master


Performance training

Certified guide included

Pic by Roberto


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The Place

Camaiore is a gem hidden in the Tuscan hills, just below the limestone covered peaks nearby. A small medieval village, a lush valley, majestic limestone cliffs, the Apuan Alps behind you, and the beautiful Mediterranean sea in front of you. Only 20’ drive from Pisa and its reclining tower, 10’ from the beaches of Versilia and 30’ from the famous Cinque Terre and Chianti region, climbing in Camaiore is a truly unique experience. You will find thousands of routes, ranging from beautiful long and athletic tufas to scenic multi-pitches overlooking the sea.

The Mapo Tapo Rock Master

When was the last time that you improved your climbing technique and grade? No matter your level, to get better you need guidance (and those feet!!!)

Six strong climbers, ex competitors and alpine guides, all climbing in the 8th grade, fell in love with the sheer number of hard climbs and the uncrowded tufas in Camaiore and decided to settle here. This made the Rock Master possible: 3-day of pure performance training, learning from the best, to improve your climbing technique and try to gain a grade, using the natural tufas and stunning limestone walls as your gym.

  • 2 days of climbing training on the outdoor sport crags around Camaiore including outdoor workshop on technique with the pro-elastic method + a day working on a project
  • 1 wrap-up workshop on climbing training with personalized tips
  • 1 day of climbing photo-shooting: you will receive an online album with all the pics and the best picture shipped to you printed on  a recycled-cardboard frame
  • Accommodation at the shelter for climbers run by Roberto Vigiani, one of the most prolific Italian climbers and bolters (if you prefer a private room, options available!)
  • Mapo Tapo supports the development of climbing in the area: we use part of the revenues to finance bolts and work with locals to boost sustainable tourism
He put together a group of strong climbing coaches, and opened a climbing shop and a shelter for climbers with his wife Grazia, your base-camp for the trip!
Him and the other local guides are also the main developers of the area: no better way to explore the local crags than going with who bolted them!
And there is a lot to be explored: countless routes of any grades (from easy 4th to 9a+) and incredible scenery - and yes, from most crags you can see the sea!!!
In Candalla your jaws will drop looking up at the steep, long, black-and-white-tufas infused limestone walls.
For strong climbers, the crown jewel of Camaiore is San Rocchino crag. Gorgeous and unforgiving: Adam Ondra had to come back twice to close the 9a+ Naturalmente.
Performance training with the Roberto and the local guides is great for climbers of any levels, from beginners to climbers in the 7th range
You will use the Pro Elastic Rock method. You learn the balanced and aesthetic gestures of climbing using elastic bands: these forces you naturally to correct your gestures
After one day of technique, it’s time to work on a project of your own! Pick a line, work on it with the coach, time to improve your grade!
And after the 2-day clinic, a good chat with Roberto and the other coaches to get some personal tips on how to continue improving and enjoying your climbing!

Climbing Skills

The Rock Master is conceived for climbers that want to improve their techniques and skills. Camaiore area is particularly jaw-dropping for people climbing on a solid 6th grade, that can really enjoy the stunning tufas and severe overhangs overlooking the sea. However, no minimum level is required, since there are crags for any levels and the trainers are full certified mountain guides: everybody needs to improve! Even Adam is looking for a 9c+ :)


Mapo Tapo selects crags and local partners with the utmost care. We can for any inaccuracies, however, accept no liability. Rock climbing is a risky sport that takes place in nature. Ultimately, you are fully responsible for the choices you make. Mapo Tapo recommends that anyone who does not have sufficient knowledge not to go outdoor alone.


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The program is very flexible to take into account weather conditions, climbing level -and endurance of the group

What is included

  • 2-day climbing training at the crags near Camaiore with one of the local climbing coaches, fully certified Mountain Guides
  • 1 workshop on climbing training by Roberto Vigiani
  • 1-day photo shooting with a professional climber photographer
  • Insurance
  • Accommodation in dorm (for private rooms, contact us!)
  • Welcome dinner in Camaiore, including drinks
  • Breakfast
  • Equipment rental, if needed
  • Transfer to the crags
  • 1 print-out per person of climbing pics on recycled-cardboard frame
  • Virtual expedition briefing before departure with Mapo Tapo team
  • Roberto Vigiani’s crazy climbing stories of first ascents around the world

What is excluded

  • Lunches, snacks and dinners except the first one
  • Transport to/from Camaiore
  • Possibility to include a Iyengar yoga session specific for climbing with Pasquale, Mountain Guide since 1986 and Iyengar yoga teacher since 1989
  • Everything not specified in the paragraph “What is included in the trip price