Bohemian Trad Paradise



Certified guide included

Pic by Jan


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The Place

Cesky Raj, known as the Bohemian Paradise, is the oldest nature reserve in Czech Republic. Only an hour’s drive from Prague, climbing here has a remote, wild vibe. Steep rock cliffs plunge straight down into deep valleys and tall sandstone towers are covered by lonely pine trees.

There are very few bolts (or sometimes none) and using friends, nuts and other metal gear is prohibited to protect the rock from damage. Climbers use knotted prusiks and slings of different sizes for protection. This adventurous style of climbing is closely linked to the local climbing mentality, very traditional and purist. It sounds odd but it works

The Mapo Tapo Czech Trad course

Very few foreigners climb on the stunning towers of Cesky Raj, even if these rock formations are world-renowned. Why? Well, trad climbing without cams nor nuts is not for everybody and it is almost impossible to find public information on how to do it safely. This is what Mapo Tapo Czech Trad Climbing clinic is about: climbing the incredible sandstone of Bohemian Paradise, learning from local guides how to use this unique and pure style, preserving the rock for future generations and gaining the respect of the locals.

  • 4 days of climbing and trad clinic with local IFMGA mountain guides: you are free to learn the technique and lead or climb second with the locals
  • 4 days of photo shooting by Jan, one of the guides that is also a climber photographer
  • Accommodation in a self-service cottage within the natural reserve, short walk from a climbing area
  • Mapo Tapo supports the development of climbing in the area: we re-invest part of revenues to work with locals to boost sustainable tourism
The place is magical: lush valleys, old castles, green pines, dotted by these crazy weirdly-shaped sandstone towers. The climb is extremely varied, with racks, chimneys, friction climbing, edges and walls.
There are summit books on the top, where the first ascents to the tower are recorded: the climbers who first get to the top writes “Hore zdar!”.
But what is the Czech trad climbing technique? Here climbers use knotted prusiks and slings of different sizes for protection, instead of cams and nuts, to protect the delicate rocks.
As you climb up, you snap in the knots of the right dimensions into the cracks, until you find the metal rings and you can breathe out :)
It sounds scary, but you are in good hands! Your guide, Jan, is a young mountaineer/photographer based in the north of Czech Republic.
Sandstone towers of Czech Paradise are the area where he started climbing more than 15 years ago. He’s been through a lot of funny, scary and valuable climbing lessons here.
It gave him the confidence to climb some big alpine north faces including Eiger, Matterhorn, Grandes Jorasses, Petit Dru, Les Droites, Cima Grande and a lot more.
In true Mapo Tapo style, we looked for accommodations with roots to the local climbing community. Here, we found a nice rustic cottage right under a nice crag for the whole group.
Ready to try something new and get out of your comfort zone? Jan is pumped to show you Cesky Raj, teach you and boost your confidence to climb that pitch, no matter if leading or top-roping it.

Climbing Skills

The trad climbing master is conceived for climbers that want to climb the unique sandstone towers in Bohemian Paradise and are curious about the Czech climbing technique. Even if you will be with certified mountain guides, it is advised to be confident climbing at least 5c to fully enjoy the area. You should add to that a curious attitude and thirst for adventure!


Mapo Tapo selects crags and local partners with the utmost care. We can for any inaccuracies, however, accept no liability. Rock climbing is a risk sport that takes place in nature. Ultimately, you are fully responsible for the choices you make. Mapo Tapo recommends that anyone who does not have sufficient knowledge not to go outdoor alone


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The program is very flexible to take into account weather conditions, climbing level -and endurance of the group

What is included

  • 4 days of Czech trad style climbing and course with IFMGA mountain guides
  • 5 nights accomodation in a self-service cottage near the climbing area, with multiple rooms, sleeping up to 15
  • Climbing photo shooting and post-production
  • Linen and bed sheets
  • Welcome dinner
  • Insurance
  • 1 print-out per person of a climbing pic on recycled-cardboard frame
  • Virtual expedition briefing before departure with Mapo Tapo team
  • Jan’s and the other local guides crazy climbing stories of adventures on the sandstone towers ☺

What is excluded

  • Transport to/from Cesky Raj: recommended to rent a car from Prague airport
  • Food and drinks excluding welcome dinner: there are 3 restaurants walking distance from the accommodation and 2 groceries within 15 min drive
  • Everything not specified in the paragraph “What is included in the trip price”