Eat. Climb. Breathe. Sarca Valley retreat




Autonomous climbers

Pic by Sara Grippo


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The Place

You probably have heard of Arco, the mecca of climbing. Arco is in the Sarca Valley and the whole valley counts an incredible number of hidden gems, with unpolished rock, scenic views, always immersed in this beautiful valley. There is much more than Arco in the valley, and only climbing with a local you can enjoy its pure beauty!

The Mapo Tapo Sarca Valley Retreat

A week-end immersed in the purest and most authentic side of Sarca Valley: climbing with the locals, empowered by natural food.

  • 2 days of climbing in crags around Dro (Sarca Valley)
  • 1 cooking class “Build your own organic energy-bars” with Michele from Black Sheep
  • 2 nights at the stunning B&B “Un Tempo per Te” in Dro, with home-made breakfast
  • Welcome dinner on Friday and pic-nic at the crag, all vegan & home-made with love
  • Yoga session at the B&B on Sunday morning
  • Mapo Tapo supports the development of climbing in the area: we re-invest part of revenues to work with locals to boost sustainable tourism
Arco is a world-famous climbing destination, but there are an big number of off-the-beaten-track crags, where you can find unpolished rock with great grip!
In every place, Mapo Tapo looks for an extraordinary local climber, so that you can see each place through a local’s eyes.
In Sarca Valley we picked Michele: born here, climber since he was in middle school and always in search for a deep connection to nature through the sport.
He is a pioneer and an incredible vegan chef, has travelled the world to find the perfect ingredients for his creations.
and is now running the vegan - bio pastry shop Black Sheep in Trento. His trademarks? The unique raw vegan pastries: each of them a piece of art!
He also teaches vegan cooking classes all around the world, spanning street food, asian revisitations, italian traditions turned vegan and of course desserts.
He loves to study and experiment on himself the relationship of food and sport performance, the balance among all ingredients to suits the need of the body.
During this week-end, he will be your local climbing buddy, will show you his favorite crags off-the-beaten-track
and teach you how to prepare energy bars customized for your needs, learning the secret-powers of the natural ingredients he has been experimenting with.

Climbing Skills

This is a climbing trip for climbers. There will be no instructors nor guides, hence you are expected to be completely autonomous in outdoor climbing. None of the activities proposed should be considered as educational. In case ropes are not your thing, you can still enjoy a great climbing week doing bouldering and DWS. Grades ranges from 5a to 8+, so any level in between is fine. We do not mind about your grade as much as about your ability to be fully independent. If you are unsure about your climbing level or need more information or if you prefer a guided tour, contact us.


Mapo Tapo selects crags and local partners with the utmost care. For any inaccuracies, however, we can not accept any liability. Rock climbing is a risky sport that takes place in nature. Ultimately, you are fully responsible for the choices you make. Mapo Tapo recommends that anyone who does not have sufficient knowledge and skills not to go outdoor alone. Contact us to organize a trip with a certified mountain guide instead.


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The program is very flexible to take into account weather conditions, climbing level -and endurance of the group

What is included

  • 2 days with local climber Michele at sport-climbing spots around Dro. This is NOT a guided service or a climbing course, the climbing activity is done fully autonomously.
  • 2 nights accomodation in a the stunning family-run vegan B&B Un Tempo per Te
  • 1 cooking class “Build your own organic energy-bars” with Michele
  • Welcome dinner on Friday
  • Pic-nic at the crag on Saturday, with food bio&vegan by Black Sheep 
  • Home-made breakfasts at the B&B
  • Yoga class on Sunday morning at the B&B
  • Insurance
  • 1 print-out per person of a climbing pic on recycled-cardboard frame
  • Virtual expedition briefing before departure with Mapo Tapo team
  • Michele’s inspirational stories of being a vegan 7th-grade climber, food exploration and craftsmanship

What is excluded

  • Transport to/from Dro: recommended to have a car
  • Transport to/from the crags
  • Saturday night dinner, Sunday lunch and other snacks
  • (Optional) ayurvedic massage by a local expert masseur, cost €40/person
  • Everything not specified in the paragraph “What is included in the trip price”