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What is Mapo Tapo?

The official answer is that Mapo Tapo is a platform for designing and organizing climbing group trips in remote climbing destination. The truth is that Mapo is your friend that has already been there. The girl/guy that knows where to go when to go and why to go. Mapo wants to make sure that you have all the support and information for your climbing trip so that you can actually climb, and not spend half of the time looking for the crag. 

What does badges like "autonomous climbers" or "certified guide included" mean?

If you sign up for a Mapo Tapo trip with "autonomous climbers" badge, you are supposed to be an autonomous climber who is able to lead and judge the feasibility of a routes depending on the grade and conditions. In this case, Mapo Tapo will take care of the logistics, insurance, accommodation and will put you in contact with a local climber or bolter who knows the area very well, but you will do the climbing activity at your own risk and responsibility.

If you sign up for a Mapo Tapo trip with "certified guide included", there is no need to be autonomous. In this case there always be certified mountain guide with you during the climbing activity. This means that no minimum climbing level is required to join these trips.

Do we organize group trips?

Yes. We organize small groups. As long as you are comfortable in belay and be belayed by other people, there is no need to have a belay partner in joining our trips. During the trip you will be joined by climbers from all over the world to share and enjoy the overall experience.

Why travel Mapo Tapo?

1. We all want to be Mapo, such a cool name!
2. Authentic experience
3. Trusted Community
4. Social Impact
5. Bolt financing
6. Exclusive insurance
7. Membership

How does it work?

We organize trips for climbers by climbers. You can sign up alone (as long as you are comfortable in belay and be belayed by other people), with your belay partner or with a group of friends.

Do I need to be a strong climber?

Can you lift 500 grams? That’s about the weight of a medium beer. You should be good to go! Jokes apart, we do not mind about your grade as much as we do about your ability to be independent with your belay partner.

How long is the trip?

We are very flexible on this point, we suggest some trips with various lengths on our website but we are open to discuss your needs case by case. For example Western Sicily is a 7 days trip made of 5 days of climbing and 1 day of rest but if you want to stay more or less days we can arrange that.

What is sustainable tourism?

According to Wikipedia, Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. Mapo wants you to be aware of your impact. We all want to travel and we all love it, and we all want to make sure that the next generations can enjoy the world as much as we are doing right now. Therefore we need to think about our destination as a place to enrich, not a place to consume. Travelling with Mapo Tapo you are adding value to each and every one of our locations by sustaining the local economy and by financing the development of the climbing in that region. Get more info about that in our dedicated section

What is included in the trip?

Good memories and a looot of climbing!  (And everything listed on the trip page).

What is not included in the trip?  

1. The flight is not included - because we want to leave you maximum flexibility regarding at what time and from what airport to leave! And if you want to stay longer in the destination or arrive earlier there’s no problem.
2. "La Tenenza”, eee già quella te la devi portare da casa! 
3. Everything that is not listed in the section “what is included” in the packages page 

Are all the trips on the website confirmed?

Yes!  When you book a trip we will block your spot, contact our local partners to get final confirmation and confirm your trip in 72hr max. As soon as you get the final confirmation from us you can buy your plane ticket.

When can I leave?

We propose some dates for our trips depending on the season and on the availability of our partners, but we are very flexible. If you have a belay partner and want to go do a destination on a date that is not listed just contact us and we can arrange that.

Where do we sleep?

I thought you wanted to go climbing, not on a sleeping tour! In any case that very much depends on the destination. Generally speaking we try to make sure that you are in some climbers’ house or in a spot strategic for the climbing or that has something to do with climbing. Yes I said climbing 3 times in 13 words, let’s go climbing!. In the destination page you will find more info, but you can always contact us on whatsapp for any questions.

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