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Climbing Houses

Are you looking for a climber-friendly place to stay near a world-class climbing destination?

Click on the button below to find out how to book our climbing houses. 

What is a climbing house?

 Climbing houses are the best accommodation to stay in, tailor-made for climbers. Usually, these are B&Bs or hostels run by, for climbers. You'll be sure to find spectacular crags nearby and everything you need to support you on your climbing trip.

Why book a Climbing House?

The best place to stay for climbers

Climbing houses are made by climbers, for climbers. They're a great place to meet both local and travelling climbers - like you!

Very close to the crags

Climbing houses are usually near world-class climbing locations which are easily reachable by car or foot from the accommodation.

Find all you need for climbing

Often you can rent climbing equipment here, buy the local guide for the area and ask local experts for crag  information.


1. Find your climbing dream destination and pick a Climbing House nearby

Scout for your favorite destination on our climbing houses page. Scroll through them, check out the crags in the area and read the destination guide. Once you've found somewhere, pick your Climbing House!

We've collected the most important information you need to go climbing in the area, so you can travel all around the world without leaving the comfort of your home.


2. Check out the Climbing House page and place a booking with the host

Learn more about individual climbing houses by checking out their webpage. Then, place your request to book by clicking on ENQUIRE and filling out the short form.

Please fill out the MESSAGE FOR THE HOST field by typing the following information:


3. Wait for your host to confirm, book your flights, and go climbing!

The local host will confirm the booking by email. CHECK YOUR EMAIL before buying the flights or organizing transportation to get there. 

The payment and the processing of the booking will be entirely processed by the Climbing House and NOT by Mapo Tapo.

Once your booking has been confirmed, just book your flights, pack your stuff and go climbing. SEE YOU AT THE CRAG!


We certify our Climbing Houses to ensure their meet certain standards of quality

The Climbing Houses on this website have all been verified by us and meet certain standards.

Mapo Tapo Certified

How we make sure our Climbing Houses are the best for climbers

Climbing Quality

High-quality crags within 30 minutes from the accommodation - and awesome landscapes too :)

Climber Friendly

Climbing specific amenities to help facilitate your stay. A place to meet other climbers, both local and international.

Local climbing community involvement

The host has a good knowledge of the local crags and strong connections to the local climbing community.

Verified by us

We have been in contact with the hosts and the accommodation meets our high standards!

Be a responsible climbing traveler. Discover incredible places to stay.

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