Anna's 2021 good resolutions

January 23, 2021

"My New Year resolution is to think beyond myself, beyond climbing"

This past year was... an impactful one, where we reckoned with the repercussions of institutional racism around the world, and faced a devastating pandemic that halted life as we know it.

My resolutions last year—to climb 5.13, and to travel the world —now seem small-minded and for the most part, out of my control. It was a privilege to climb and travel as much as I did before the pandemic, and I know now that it never was and never will be a given that I will have facilities to train at, countries I can travel to, and the financial ability to live nomadically.

With this in mind, I hope to bring more of two things into my life next year: intention and joy. As climbers, we must recognize that climbing stems from white privilege, and work to write a new narrative that includes BIPOC. This year, I want to focus on making content with the intention to empower, uplift, and amplify black and brown bodies in climbing.

Secondly, even after having witnessed an attempted coup fueled by white rage and aided by the current POTUS, and with 2 million people who have lost their lives due to COVID, I can still choose joy. I hope to do things that bring me and others joy as an antidote to fear, anger, and hopelessness, and to use the positive, propulsive energy I have for climbing to advocate for a safer, more just, and more whole world because, as poet Toi Derricotte once wrote, “Joy is an act of resistance.”

Feliz Año Nuevo,

Words by Anna Hazelnutt

Photo by Ezra Byrne

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