New prices from August 10th 2022

Dear climber,

Hope to find you very well! I am writing this message to personally share with you a recent change, that will take place starting from the 10th of August: the prices of some trips will increase.

You know it already: our mission has always been and always will be to bring you climbing around the world, together with other passionate climbers from all over the world.

In order to do this safely, each one of our trips is organized together with a local certified guide.

The current economic condition (inflation up almost 10%), obliged them to increase their fee and, unfortunately, so happened to some of our prices.

With that being said, in order to counter-balance this price increase, we decided to add a special discount:

The first 3 slots for most of the trips (which are those ones needed for confirming a departure) will be sold with a 15% discount by default, until 8 weeks before the trip departure.

In this way, when booking for this autumn/winter or next year, if you are among the first 3 climbers and you are booking with at least 2 months in advance, you'll take the spot with a 15% off. Time to start planning :)

This change (price increase + special discount) will go live on the 10th of August. Until that moment, everything remains unchanged.

I really hope to have you onboard soon. Should you have doubts or questions, very happy to chat! You can either contact me by email at or give me a heads-up at +39 392 2863637.

All the best,

CEO & Co-founder

Hello folks! We have a special discount for you...

...We want to reward all the climbers joining early on our trips. We decided to give a flat 15% off on all departures to the first 3 people booking them.
What are you waiting for? Come climbing with us!

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