Slovenia·August 13 - 14 2023


Join us for a 2-days hiking trip on Slovenia's highest mountain Mount Triglav alongside Local Certified Alpine Guide Mitja.



Deep into the Julian Alps, Mount Triglav rises: the highest peak of Slovenia is technically and physically demanding, but still a worthwhile adventure for every passionate climber and hiker out there . There are three Alpine valleys from where you can start climbing Mount Triglav. Each of them offer various itineraries to get to the topof the mountain. The most popular and easier route for Mount Triglav is accessible from Krma Valley: that's also the most favorite one for the ones who challenge themselves regularly on this peak. Our group will climb exactly this route ! Get ready for 2 days of climbing and exploring around Slovenia's highest mountain, guided by IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide, Mitja.

Local Partners



Mitja is a certificate Local IFMGA Mountain Guide from Slovenia. He's a sunny and fun person but very professional. He is known for being able to organise perfect tours of his land and make you discover unspoilt territories.

The Experience





The route to Triglavski dom!

Today we will reach the Triglavski hut. It is 7,3 kilometres long, and it gradually ascends 1550 height meters. It will take us around 5 hours to reach the hut. There is water spring halfway up the mountain, so you don't need to worry about the water just bring so snacks for the hike!



To the top of Triglav

From the hut, you will reach the top of the Mount Triglav. We will need to ascend 400 heights on a via Ferrata. This will take us 3/4 hours.

Then we will descend back to the valleys!

The programme is very flexible to take into account weather conditions, activities level and endurance of the group.

What's Included

What's Included

A IFMGA alpine guide

Accident Insurance

What's Not Included

Accommodation in the hut

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner



If the weather allows us we climb to the top of Triglav on the first day, as that way is easier for most of the guests. That means that you will start the climb around 8 am and you will be down in the valley around 1 pm on the second day.

Or if there are possible thunderstorms in the afternoon, we will start the hike around noon on day 1 and ascend the top of Triglav on the second day. That means you will be down in the valley around 5pm on the second day.

Half board (dinner, breakfast and sleeping) on the mountain hut is 53€, sheets are 5€, beer is 4,5€, 1,5 litre of water is 4,4€, 0,5 litre of water is 2,3€… Usually, guests spend around 70€ per person on the hut.

Important: Hut takes no credit cards, so you need to bring cash with you.

  • harness(provided by us)
  • helmet(provided by us)
  • via ferrata kit(provided by us)
  • headlamp(if you have one, don’t bother buying a new one as most likely we wont need it)
  • warm clothing(fleece…)
  • waterproof jacket and trousers(depending on the weather forecast)
  • hand gloves(it can snow on the mountain in August also)
  • hat
  • sun glasses, hat and sun cream(high factor)
  • shoes(high hiking boots recommended)
  • poles(recommended, if you are used to have them)
  • backpack(30l)
  • water bottle
  • medicine prescribed by your doctor
  • camera
  • energy bars, chocolates, other food for during the climb(the longest stretch without huts is 5 hours long. You can get warm food at the huts, so don’t exaggerate with snacks)
  • alpine club membership card(if you are a member, you get some discount on sleeping, if not don’t worry about it)
  • hut liner(if you don’t have your own they charge 5€ for sheets)

The guide can pick you up in these 3 places:
- Bled
- Kranjska Gora
- Bohinji


Slovenia· 1 night