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6 days of snowshoeing around a beautiful valley in France. 



It is at the start of our warm and comfortable lodge that this magnificent snowshoe stay unfolds! The Azimut Team will take you to discover this beautiful valley, close to car in winter :) You'll be in the middle of the valley, surrounded by wildlife that survives the economy while waiting for spring...if you are lucky, you'll have the fortune to see a hare, a few chamois or a lagoped! The place is crazy, wild, between France and Italy :) At the end of each day, you'll have the possibility to relax in the lodge and enjoy the hot bath!

Local Partners

The Azimut Team

The Azimut Team

Azimut is a small outfit with its base camp near Briançon and prides itself on putting the human aspect of work first. They work hard to ensure that all our trips connect with our passions: excellent skiing, great people, fantastic food and comfortable hotels. They provide qualified, certified, expert guides and listen to their advice and feedback to give you the best quality on trips you’ll never forget!

The Experience





First day: The Col des Ourdeis

After a quick presentation of the trip by our local'll be ready to start hiking!

You will be transfer to Laus, and after s quiet climb you'll reach the first chalet d'Izoard! You'll have a small tour from there and then ascent to the col des Ourdeis. An aperitif will wait for you at the lodge, you'll spent some time get to know each other and start the adventure together :)



The view of Cervieres!

We'll going directly on foot starting from the lodge :)
We will reach the south face behind the lodge, towards the hamlet of Chalets de l'Alp!

After that you'll go back to the lodge, relaxing a little bit or going to do an aperitif :)



Into the Bois du Balais

Today you'll do an easy and quiet climb into the valley of the Oules and then into the Bois du Balais to reach a breathtaking view!
We will descent by this valley and return to Laus. 



Well-being day!

After a good breakfast, you will leave the lodge by minibus to the Lautaret pass and Le Monétier les bains. We'll do an easy hiking to enjoy the view of the main peaks of the Ecrins!
And then you'll be transfer to the Monêtier baths for a good hot bath session and relaxation! Enjoy :)



Bousson, the door of Italy!

Today we will go up to the Bourget plain towards the Bousson pass. Marking the border with Italy and making a quick stop by the Mautino refuge for a typical Italian hot chocolate :)
Time to go back to France! 



A secret spot!

After a transfer to Laus, you'll be taken to the secret spot for hiking skiers: the forest in the Malazin combe! It keeps the snow for a very long time and if you're lucky you may have the fortune to observe some chamois.

You'll be transfer back to the lodge and say goodbye to your new friends! See you soon :)

The program is very flexible to take into account weather conditions, climbing level, and endurance of the group




Lodge Room

Lodge Room

A comfortable lodge will take care of you for these days. Situated at the foot of the Izoard Pass and near the village of Cerviè will be the perfect place for relaxation! Outside there is a Norwegian bath that will be waiting for you at the end of your activity! 

What's Included

What's Included

Transfer during activities

Accommodation in lodge

All dinners

All breakfasts

A certificated alpine guide

A welcome aperitif

All lunch (picnic)

Prestito di racchette, bastoni e attrezzature di sicurezza individuali (DVA, pala e sonda).


What's Not Included

Transfer to/back meeting points


The possible rental of suitable shoes

The Monetier baths on the fourth day

All drinks

Everything not specified in the paragraph “What is included”.

More Info

Hiking Skills

Hiking Skills

A particular level of technique and training is not necessary, however, it must be taken into account that you will be walking three to four hours daily. A good fitness level is recommended.



Mapo Tapo selects local partners with the utmost care. For any inaccuracies, however, we can not accept any liability. Hiking is a risky sport that takes place in nature. Ultimately, you are fully responsible for the choices you make. Mapo Tapo recommends that anyone who does not have sufficient knowledge and skills not go outdoor alone. All our trips include a local certified guide who will take care of your group. Enjoy your adventures safely with first-hand information from the locals.



Please DO NOT book your flights until this trip is confirmed. Most of our trips require a minimum number of participants to run. Wait for the status of the trip to be confirmed and for more information go to the "How it works" section

Blog Posts


What is ski touring? - A beginners' guide



The trip requires a minimum of 5 participants to let be confirmed and will be capped at 12. 

There are three meeting points:
- Briançon station at 8.45 am
- Oulx-Cesana (IT) - TGV station at 8 am
- Parking in Cervières, in front of our hotel at 9 am 

Not a particular level or technique, but it will be helpful if you are already practising some sports once a week. 3 or 4 hours of walk maximum per day. 

You'll carry your personal belongings (light down jacket, sunscreen...), your picnic and water for the day, and your safety pack (shoe, probe, the DVA on you). A 30L backpack is recommended.

  • Snowshoes (supplied)
  • Sticks (supplied)
  • Hot mountain shoes (possible to rent directly on site)
  • Safety pack (DVA, probe shovel - we'll lend it to you if you don't have one)

For the head: 

  • cap
  • Protective sunglasses 3 or 4
  • Mask (in case of wind)

For the body:

  • Technical long-sleeved T-shirts (made of synthetic or merino wool, do not wear cotton in the mountains!) 
  • Fleece jacket
  • Jacket with waterproof and breathable membrane type Gore Tex or soft shell,
  • Long-sleeved thin down jacket
  • Light gloves (fleece or soft shell) + mittens with membrane (gore-tex type)
  • Synthetic or merino tights
  • Pants with membrane, unlined
  • Gaiters if your pants don't have any integrated ones

Avoid downhill ski clothes: lined, they will keep you too warm during the climbs. You need the most modular equipment possible, with the 4-layer system (shirt, fleece, down jacket, jacket).

Bring a swimsuit for the Norwegian bath and a Toiletry bag with personal necessities.


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