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Mapo Tapo Group
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How does it work?

Leave alone or with friends

Get ready to meet and join a bunch of passionate climbers, travelers and outdoor lovers from all over the world

Climb in amazing places

Discover wonderful climbing areas around the world. Away from the crowds. Immersed in nature

Leave an impact

With each trip, you support the growth of local businesses, climbing communities and local sport infrastructures

Our mission

Develop extreme sport tourism in remote locations as a way to bring economic growth in a responsible manner, respecting the environment and making local communities thrive

You do not have to be a pro to join a Mapo Tapo climbing trip

You will see there are 2 types of trips: those ones with a Certified Guide, open to everyone and the ones for Autonomous Climbers, recommended just for those climbers who already know how to safely climb

Just focus on having fun, we take care of rest

Logistics is taken care of and no matter the trip or the destination, you are covered by our insurance. You may decide to bring your own gears, but in all destinations there always be the possibility to rent them