Trip listing for mountain guides and climbing instructors


Here at Mapo Tapo we want to empower mountain guides and climbing instructors to organize local experiences for outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. 

We want this process to be as easy and smooth as possible. You only need to provide us some personal information, some suggestions on the accommodations and information about how you want to organize the trip

Once you receive the link to the trip self-listing form, follow these guidelines to fill it up!l


The self-listing form takes 7+ minutes to complete and it is composed by three sections:

  1. Personal or Association Info
  2. Accommodation
  3. Experience

Hint: You have to list your trip 2 or 3 months in advance with respect to the departure date of the first trip. Please, consider that it is ideal to list it 5 or 6 months before the first departure to make sure the organization and the promotion of the trip works out smoothly.


Q1: Are you a mountain guide/climbing instructor operating alone or an organization of mountain guides/climbing instructors?

When answering Q.1 select

  • "I am a mountain guide operating alone" if you want to organize a trip as a single mountain guide/climbing instructor. The payment will be directed to the single mountain guide.
  • "I am an organization of mountain guides" if you want to organize a trip as an association of mountain guides/climbing instructors and then decide yourself which one of the affiliated guides you want to send to the just organized trip. The payment will be directed to the association.

Q5: Have you already organized a trip with Mapo Tapo?

If it is the first time you organize a trip with Mapo Tapo, answer “Yes” to Q.1. By answering “Yes” you will skip to section 1.PERSONAL INFO. 

If you have already organized a trip with Mapo Tapo select “No” to Q1.

Q6: Do you want to organize a new trip or add new dates for a trip already listed?

When answering Q.2 select:

  • ‍“I want to organize a new trip” if you have already organized an experience with Mapo Tapo and you want to set up a new trip.
  • Selecting this option you will skip to section 2. ACCOMMODATION.
  • ‍‍
  • “I want to add dates to a trip I have already listed” if you have already organized a trip with Mapo Tapo and you want add new dates to this trip.
  • Selecting this option you will skip to section 3. EXPERIENCE.

Chris Posadas with a friend in Chile before a bolting session


In this section we ask you to provide the following information:

  1. Name/Name of the Association and of the reference contact
  2. Last name(of the reference contact)
  3. Email address (of the reference contact)
  4. Phone number (of the reference contact)
  5. Your (the association) Instagram/Facebook profile link: we use it to sponsor the trip through our social media channels (check out ourInstagramandFacebookprofiles). 
  6. Your Mountain Guide/Instructor certificate and your Civil Responsibility Insurance: these are essential documents that we need to verify to give you the possibility to organize a trip on our platform. In case you are filling up the form as an association of mountain guides/climbing instructors, please upload all the certificates and insurances of your guides in two single .pdf files (one for the certificates and one for the insurances).
  7. A brief description of yourself (of your association): we’ll use this information to get to know you a little better and to sponsor the trip on our channels.
  8. Your (the association) banking information (beneficiary’s name and last name, IBAN/Account number, BIC Code): we’ll use this information to pay you once each trip is concluded.

All the information in this section has to be completed mandatorily except for step 8. If you prefer, you can send us your banking coordinates at a later stage by email. Please remember, it is essential that you share this information with us, otherwise we would not be able to pay you.


Taccu Maccu B&B in Sardinia


It is very important for us to receive information about a suitable accommodation for our passengers. It allows us to speed up the organization of the trip and it increases the chances that the trip you listed is confirmed, posted and promoted through the Mapo Tapo channels. However, if you do not know any accommodation that fits our requirements, you can skip this section by answering “No” to the question “Do you know any accommodation that could host our passengers?”.

In this section we will ask you to suggest us an accommodation for our passengers. The preferred accommodations are usually a Bed&Breakfast. However, other types of accommodation can be proposed such as hostels, hotels and sailing boats (yes, we accept fancy suggestions as well!).

Please write the name of a suitable accommodation with the following characteristics:

  1. The accommodation is climber friendly.
  2. The accommodation is at a suitable distance from the crags.
  3. The price is about € 25/30 per night (for budget reasons).
  4. Breakfast is included in the accommodation’s price.
  5. The accommodation accepts the payment post-experience.

We also ask you to provide the accommodation’s website link. We need it to obtain the contact details of the accommodation and to check out its suitability. If the accommodation does not have a website, please provide the link to the accommodation’s page on or If the accommodation does not have a web page or it is not listed on and/or, please provide the contact of a reference person you know. In this case, please provide the contact details by clearly indicating the full name of the reference person, his/her email address, his/her mobile phone number (e.g. Mario Rossi:; +39 333 4455666).


José Bonacalza exploring places in Valle Encantado


This is the section in which you will organize the trip experience in details. These are the various steps to organize a new trip:


  1. Suggest a name for the trip: for examples look at our website in the climbing trips section. Keep in mind that we could change the suggested name to make sure it fits our promotional strategy for the trip.
  2. Indicate the location and the country of the trip.
  3. Indicate the best period to bring people climbing in the area.
  4. Indicate how many days long is the trip: consider that the most successful trips on our website have between 3 to 5 days, considering arrival and departure days, with 2 to 4 climbing days. 
  5. Indicate how many rest days included in the trip: consider that most of the trips on our website have 0 to 1 rest days.
  6. Write down the trip’s program: this information is important to us because we need it to confirm and promote the trip. Our passengers like to be active on each day of the trip. Please make sure to fill up the days with activities. Also, indicate any extra charge for the passengers for these activities.
  7. Indicate the minimum and maximum number of people you can guide during the trip.
  8. Indicate your payment preferences and the amounts (in €): we can pay you with the following modalities:
  • Per person per day
  • Per day


  1. Indicate the type of climbing, the number of crags and routes in the area, the routes’ grade and the look of the crags’ surroundings.
  2. Indicate if the passengers need to bring their own climbing equipment: specify if the passengers have to bring along all their climbing equipment or if you can give for free or rent all or some equipment. 
  3. Indicate if you will rent the climbing equipment to the passengers for an extra fee or if you will not charge them this extra
  4. Indicate what is the climbing equipment available for the passengers: you will have to go through 2.3 and 2.4 only if in step 2.2 you did NOT answer that you cannot provide/rent the equipment to the passengers.


  1. Indicate if you can arrange transportation from/to airports, stations, ports and crags: once arrived at the meeting point, the passengers will need to be transported to the accommodation, to the crags and to the drop off point. We want to know if you can arrange the transportation of the passengers.
  2. Indicate your payment preferences for organizing transportation and the amounts (in €): we can pay you with the following modalities:
  • Per person per day
  • Per day per car
  • Included in the price for the guiding service


  1. Indicate the address of the pick up and drop off of the passengers: please provide the exact address (e.g. Via Borromei 2, Milano, 20123, Italy).
  2. Indicate the date and time of the pick up and drop off: in case you want to add dates to an already existing trip, you will need to insert the new pick up and drop off date and time only.
  3. Indicate if you want to add dates to the trip you are organizing: in case you want to add multiple dates without exiting and accessing again the form, answer “Yes” to the question “Do you want to list another date for the same trip?”. Then, in the following question, you will need to type all the new dates you want to add in this format: DATE 2: (from) dd-mm-yyyy - (to) dd-mm-yyyy ; DATE 3: (from) dd-mm-yyyy - (to) dd-mm-yyyy;...

Hands off the rock! (Bouldering session in Sicily


In this very last step we ask you to leave us any additional information you deem important or some feedback on the self-listing process. 

Once you submit this form, we will send you a confirmation email containing a link to a shared folder where you can place pictures of yourself and climbing pictures/videos of the location where you are organizing the Mapo Tapo trip. We will use these pictures/videos in any way for commercial and promotional purposes related to the trip. Then, we ask you to accept a disclaimer on the usage of the media contents you will share with us. 

Lastly, we ask you to accept our privacy policy.

At this point you have completed all the steps to self-list your trip. We will be in touch to update you on the status of your trip and in case further actions are required.