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Emma Twyford's 2021 new years' resolutions


Emma Twyford


March 5, 2021

Aside from 2021 resolutions I’ve learnt that goal setting is an important factor to have ideas to stick to.

Sometimes these can seem a little daunting but if we write them down we have a target. My goals for 2021 are a little different to just the normal climbing goals.

“One is not always happy when one is good; but one is always good when one is happy” Oscar Wilde

Climbing wise I want to promote adventures close to home, that projects don’t just have to be far way. My plan is to go to hoy to try a route called The long hope but also to continue projects in Pembroke. If I want to travel further afield I’d like to do it in a safe and more ethical way than flying.

In general I’d like to be a better person, helping out those in need. Not just to have climbing projects. To be more informed about racial injustice, gender equality and climate change. To use my platform to make a difference, starting community projects and writing about important topics to implement changes for the future.

Emma Twyford shaking out while trad climbing

Emma taking a deep breath on The Big Issue (E9 6c) in Pembroke. In 2018 she sent 2 E8s and 2 E9s (including Big Issue), confirming she's one of the best trad climbers around © John Bunney

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Thank you Emma for sharing with us your Good resolutions for this year. We hope this is going to be useful for more members of our community: to set goals is the first step to achieve them!

If you want to know more about Emma's playground you can have a read at our most recent article available on this blog: Climbing between sea and rock - UK and Wales

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Who is Emma Twyford?

Emma Twyford has been climbing for more than 25 years. She started out trad climbing in the Lake District with her Dad and friends. From the age of 10 she enjoyed competing, became British Bouldering Champion and represented Team GB till the age of 24. At this point she decided to return to her love of outdoor climbing. To fulfil her love of climbing she is also a route setter and climbing coach.

Emma was the first British woman to redpoint 9a with an ascent of the Big Bang, she has also on-sighted numerous 8a’s. She is one of very few women to have head pointed E9 and has also flashed E8 on trad. In 2019 she turned to Alpine climbing making the first British ascent of Camilotto Pelissier(8a/+) in the Dolomites.

You can know more about he climbing achievements, coaching and route-setting activities at her Official website.

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Words by Emma Twyford

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Cover photo © John Bunney

Portrait © Emma Twyford