Travel safely (COVID 19)!

Climb, have fun and make an impact

Leave alone and meet other outdoor enthusiasts

Travel to amazing off-the-beaten track destinations

Climb astonishing crags

Leave an impact on the local climbing community

You do not have to be a pro to join a Mapo Tapo climbing trip

If you go on the climbing trips page, you will see there are 2 types of trips: those ones with the badge Certified Guide Included are open to everyone, no matter your level. In these trips there always be a certified mountain guide with you.
The trips with the Autonomous Climbers badge instead are recommended just for those climbers who already know how to safely climb.
In any case, groups are arranged considering the climbing level of all travelers!

Just focus on having fun, we take care of rest

No matter the trip or the destination you may decide to go to, you are covered by our insurance (which, unlike most insurances, does cover rock climbing). Also, you may decide to bring your own gears, but in all destinations there always be the possibility to rent them, unless differently specified (actually for many trips rental is included!).

Few numbers on the Mapo Tapo travelers

Mapo Tapo travelers are typically adventurous girls and boys, between 10 and 90 years old, that...


... never climbed before


... already climbed in the gym or outdoor, but are not super confident


... fully autonomous climbers

Be a responsible climbing traveler

Learn and respect the local culture and the climbing etiquette, connect with local climbers and support local business and donate to support the climbing areas