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Franchard Isatis (Centre): Fontainebleau bouldering spots

A nice beginner friendly area with a huge number of blocs.


Why should you go bouldering in Franchard Isatis?

  • The best place for beginners
  • Super accessible and easy to move around blocs
  • There are an incredible number of blue, orange, yellow and red blocs, all very close, making it a great spot if you are a group with people climbing different levels
  • Grades/colors are not severe, once again a good confidence booster! :)
  • There is a good mix of slab and overhangs
  • The blocs are quite short, making them not scary

How to get there and around

What should you watch out for?

  • During the weekends it can get very crowded, not only of climbers but also of families doing picnics or people chilling on hammocks
  • It’s not as wild and immersed in vegetation as many other places

Boulderer in Franchard Isatis, Fontainebleau