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La calvaire : Fontainebleau spots

Find out more about the La Calvaire sector in Fontainebleau.


Why should you go bouldering in La Calvaire?

  • It’s a 10min bike ride followed by a 5min climb up a hill to reach the spot 
  • It’s beginner friendly
  • Plenty of yellows, oranges and blues!
  • Awesome place for non-climbers to chill and hang out. Can go hiking as well since it is bang on one of the blue hiking sentiers
  • Nice spot close to the cross ‘La Calvaire’ with a good view of Fonty

What should you watch out for in La Calvaire?

  • Some areas are quite narrow between rocks, with a hiking path meandering through the blocs, so be careful of hikers passing by!
  • It can be tricky to lay a crashpad in some narrow spots, be careful!
  • It’s a very accessible spot, so you’ll often find a lot of people here. Some routes have become a little polished as a result

INSEA students bouldering in Fontainebleau

A climber topping out a boulder in Fontainebleau

Topping out on a Fontainebleau boulder

La Calvaire Fontainebleau bouldering

Bouldering in Fontainebleau

A climber on an easy route in La Calvaire, Fontainebleau

A boulderer pulling on in La Calvaire

INSEAD climbing group in La Calvaire, Fontainebleau

INSEAD climbers smiling at the camera in La Calvaire

Climber topping out in La Calvaire, Fontainebleau