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Mont Aigu: Fontainebleau bouldering spots

The closest Fontainebleau sector to the INSEAD campus with lots of beginner friendly climbs.


Why should you go bouldering in Mont Aigu?

  • It’s the closest spot from the campus! - just a 15min walk from INSEAD 
  • It’s beginner friendly
  • Plenty of yellows, oranges and blues!
  • Awesome place for non-climbers to chill and hang out since its along a hiking path

How to get there and around

  • Short bike ride to the base of la Calvaire and a short 5 min hike up the hill. Very close from the train station as well.
  • Parking
  • First Bloc GPS

What should you watch out for?

  • It’s a big area where you’ll need to explore a bit and the blocs are quite scattered
  • Quite frequented since it is close to the town
  • There are hiking trails around too, it’s a good place to have a picnic

A group of climbers in Mont Aigu sector of Fontainebleau

A boulderer on a lowball in Mont Aigu, Fontainebleau

crack climbing in the Fontainebleau forest

climber coming round the corner bouldering in Mont Aigu