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Rock Climbing in Cyprus, Mediterranean Sea: Locals' Top 3 Spots

Name the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Cyprus: is its rock climbing? No? Well, it should be


Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean. It has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Cyprus is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, and tourism is vital to its economy. Its varied landscape includes mountains, forests, and beaches, making it a popular destination for outdoor activities…, especially for climbing.

Αφροδίτη getting her hands on some of Cyprus' best sandstone in Drouseia boulders (Paphos) © Thomas Georgiou / Cyprus Outdoor

The climbing community

The climbing community has been increasing over the past few years, thanks to the development of outdoor climbing, with new routes being bolted at several crags across the island. In addition to outdoor development, three indoor climbing gyms - Ungravity and Redpoint in Nicosia, and LCC in Limassol, have been increasing in popularity, providing beginner climbers with an outlet to learn and advanced climbers with an outlet for training.

Stefanos Papadopoulos teaching us how to pose on sheer walls while attempting his project in Buffa Wall, Kyrenia © Thomas Georgiou / Cyprus Outdoor

The climbing community in Cyprus comprises locals and ex-pats, and it is estimated that there are around 150 active climbers in Cyprus. The community is small and intimate, but the number of climbers is growing monthly, with more locals taking up the sport and an increasing number of tourists visiting to enjoy the excellent weather, food, and climbing. If you want to connect for whatever reason, make sure to follow Cyprus Outdoors, an online community that offers first-hand updates and insights on some of the island's best climbing spots.

Cyprus' climbing offer and its potential

The island offers several climbing areas for climbers of any skill level. Let's name a few of them - we'll be digging deeper next month with an update of this article in collaboration with Cyprus Outdoors. If you are in a rush and you need a broader overview of climbing spots in Cyprus, alongside grades and updates from visiting climbers, we suggest checking out Cyprus Rocks, UKC for reliable sport-climbing infos and 27crags for accurate and first-hand bouldering news and topos. 

1. The Troodos Mountains and Cavo Greco

Cyprus' Troodos Mountains, located in the island's center, is a hidden gem as you can climb here and practice other outdoor sports, such as ski-touring or snowboarding during winter. Moving South East, Cavo Greco becomes a valid option for whoever wants to experience nature-sculpted limestone walls. Cavo Greco overlooks the beautiful coast of Agia Napa, giving you an excellent chance to take breathtaking photos to show to your climbing crew once you get back home - don't forget to tag @cyprusoutdoors and @mapo_tapo, so we know this article was somehow useful!

2. Kyrenia Mountain Range

Jenny Schauroth attempting a hard, free multi-pitch route in a remote canyon up in the mountains... Not really. The Canyon sector in Kyrenia will blow your mind. Watch out: rock quality is prime © Thomas Georgiou / Cyprus Outdoor

Heading North, you'll step into a relatively high number of crags throughout the Kyrenia mountain range and around the Akamas Peninsula, located on the island's northwest coast. There are both summer and winter crags, but the peak climbing season is between November and April when the temperature is more relaxed. Take advantage of that window if you want to fully experience the place with no crowds, perfect climbing conditions, low-seasonal leisure tourism, and a good amount of daylight. Akamas is not only a valid option for some sport climbing - you can spend multiple days here without scratching the surface of the site's climbing potential -; it also hosts hundreds of limestone boulder problems, with hundreds more yet to be developed. On the contrary, the Akamas peninsula hosts something unique: sandstone.

3. The Akamas peninsula

The area offers multiple trad, sport, and bouldering opportunities on sandstone, providing various climbing grades across all disciplines. Anyone, from beginners to advanced climbers, can benefit from the wide sport-climbing offer in the Akamas peninsula: grades range from low 5s to routes that kick in at 8b+/8c with many projects still open. Bouldering-wise, you'll get the chance to master your skills on some delicious lines, ranging from fb 4+ to fb 8A. Of course, the potential for more challenging routes is enormous.

Across the island Cyprus offers various types of rock and challenges: Cavo Greco offers soft and creative lines shaped by Mother Nature, Dhiarizos will challenge you with some compact and severe cliffs, and eventually, Kyrenia range will beat your self-confidence down as soon as you try to face its hard tufa-climbing. 

Thanks for reading! The article is not over - we'll be updating it during the upcoming weeks, working closely with local climber and manager of the Cyprus Outdoor community, Thomas Georgiou. Do not miss any updates and follow us on Instagram. This collaboration is part of Mapo Tapo's column "Trust the Locals", designed in collaboration with local climbers and climbing developers worldwide. Together, we aim to inspire people to discover new climbing destinations through responsible tourism.

Cover: a party enjoying the view and some of the easier routes in Gerakopetra (crag Paphos) © Thomas Georgiou / Cyprus Outdoor