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Gorges D'Apremont: Fontainebleau bouldering spots

An incredibly beautiful bouldering spot right in the heart of the forest of Fontainebleau.


Why should you bouldering in Gorges D'Apremont?

  • It’s incredibly beautiful: you are really in the heart of a very lush part of the forest
  • It’s quite beginner friendly
  • The area is huge, we had the chance to explore only a teeny tiny part of it
  • There are many interesting oranges and blues and a lot of slabs

How to get there and around

What should you watch out for?

  • It is a good 20 minutes walk from the car park and it’s quite easy to get lost
  • It’s not so easy to meet up with friends there because reception is bad and some of the blocs have deep vegetation between each other, so you have to scramble or take long detours

A boulderer on a problem

A group of people bouldering in Gorges D'Apremont

Boulderers in Fontainebleau

A person topping out on a boulder in Gorges D'Apremont

A group of INSEAD boulderers smiling at the camera

The lush Gorges D'Apremont area in Fontainebleau

A person rocking over on a boulder