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Karma climbing gym, Fontainebleau

An awesome spot for an evening climbing.


Why should you go bouldering at Karma gym?

  • Just a couple of kilometers away from the city center, KARMA can be reached by bike in 10mins or walking in 20mins
  • It’s beginner friendly and great for people that don’t have shoes (nor anybody with the same shoe number) since you can rent them there
  • You don’t need a crashpad!
  • Only place to do rope climbing in Fonty!
  • They have 4 auto-belay machines so you don’t even need a belayer to do rope climbing!
  • If you do have a belayer, they provide ropes for free, so all you need is a harness and belay device to do some rope climbing
  • They keep changing parts of the bouldering wall every week, so you’ll have new routes to challenge you!

How to get there

What should you watch out for?

  • Get a 3-month pass if you plan on going regularly - much cheaper!
  • There is also a 10-session pass which can be used by multiple people.
  • Go in groups and challenge each other! It’s always more fun with some healthy competition :)
  • May be very crowded on rainy days and peak hours
  • Don’t be lazy, you are in the #1 bouldering spot in the world, so if it’s sunny and you have time, go to the forest!! :)

The walls at Karma gym in Fontainebleau

A group of boulderers similing on the mats

A person bouldering at karma in Fontainebleau

The autobelays at Karma gym

Heel hooking while bouldering at Karma

Climbers hangboarding at the gym

A person in the bouldering gym at Karma, Fontainebleau

Lead climbing at fontainebleau

A group of INSEAD climbers similing at the camera

A group smiling at the camera with lead walls in the background