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Mont Ussy: Fontainebleau bouldering spots

A lovely beginner friendly bouldering spot close to the INSEAD campus.


Why should you go bouldering in Mont Ussy?

  • It’s one of the closest to campus, less than 10 minutes bike ride
  • It’s beginner friendly
  • There are many yellow and orange blocs
  • Awesome place where to invite also non climbers to chill and hang out, since it’s so close to campus

How to get there and around

  • Short bike ride from campus, easier if you bike through the city and pass by the cemetery.
  • Parking
  • First Bloc GPS

What should you watch out for?

  • Unfortunately, no blue blocs - it’s a big jump from orange to red!
  • Not the most beautiful rock, perfectly fine for an afternoon but if you have the full day you should check out other places!
  • The first area you find is very accessible, but as you walk up the hill the boulders are nested in vegetations, making going from one bloc to the other more of a scramble than a walk

people slacklining in the Mont Ussy sector of Fontainebleau

Bouldering in Mont Ussy, Fontaineblea

A person bouldering in Mont Ussy, with someone spotting

Climbers in Mont Ussy

Topping out on a boulder in Fontainebleau

Two climbers spotting a boulderer in Mont Ussy, Fontainebleau

A climber bouldering in Mont Ussy