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Mont Ussy - Roche Hercule : Fontainebleau bouldering spots

A lovely bouldering spot in Fontainebleau close to the INSEAD campus


Why should you go bouldering in Mont Ussy?

  • Another spot very close to campus
  • There is a cool rock formation
  • There are oranges, reds and a few yellow boulders

How to get there and around

  • Short bike ride from campus, easier if you bike through the city and pass by the cemetery. First blocs: you see them 10meters from the parking on the right
  • Parking
  • First Bloc GPS

What should you watch out for?

  • It is a quite small boulder area
  • Many of the (few) boulders are on the Roche Hercule itself, which is pretty tall. Hence, 1) be careful, 2) it is not for everybody

boulderers looking at a topo for Mont Ussy in the Fontainebleau forest

The mont ussy area in Fontainebleau

A climber trying a boulder in Mont Ussy