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These 5 Saint Valentine's gift ideas could save (or blow up) your climbing relationship

Climbing partners should be the most crucial person in anyone's life - they could literally save your life... and your climbing performance. Whether you're in a sentimental relationship or best friends, here are five gift ideas that could confirm your relationship or blow it up if you play it wrong,


If we would try to write the thousandth article about "The best Saint Valentine's gift ideas," "A List of Valentine's Day Gifts That They'll Love," or *insert average words about love and gift ideas* honestly, we couldn't give any good advice. If you share adventurous dreams with your partner and want to get a van life and climb every day with infinite money and no responsibilities... we can't help you either. Among climbers, true love is expressed with small gestures that are usually very well appreciated by the other. After all, who doesn't like a lighter backpack on your way to Ceüse, a route at your limit with all the quickdraws put on, some onsight-saving beta, or an extra ClifBar in the middle of a multi-pitch route?

If you're already doing all of this for your climbing partner - start from the basics and don't compulsively buy unnecessary gifts - but you want to step up the game, and you're trying to decide what to get for your sweetheart for Saint Valentine's Day, look no further! These 5 Saint Valentine gift ideas could save (or blow up) your climbing relationship: be sure to know your partner well to avoid misunderstandings, and keep reading!

1. Improve gear placement with Climbing Nuts Keychain

Clean and tidy, the Fujfuj keyholder is one of the most durable on the market, and it offers many gear placements © Fujfuj.

If you're a climber, you probably experienced that guilty pleasure of placing a nut in a perfectly-shaped crack at least once. Hide that feeling in front of your partner and consider gifting your Valentin with a Keyholder made for climbers. 

You'll get your keys in place, and eventually, you'll be seen as a tidy, detail-oriented person, trying to bring some climbing vibes at home softly. Last but not least, partners will unintentionally practice their gear placement skills. You'll earn in safety, get a more efficient climbing party, and never have to admit how much you got scared during that trad to climb.

The Fujfuj or Kletterretter are some of the best key holders, with the first slightly more minimal and design-friendly. The Kletterretter has many more features and gives you the feeling of placing a nut in a real crack. Moreover, each key holder is handmade, slightly varying from holder to holder. 

2. Gain extra safety - but not weight - with the Edelrid OHM

The OHM is robust and provided with a sling and a carabiner. It may seem not easy to use. Just hit the climbing gym to practice a little, then get the most out of it during your outdoor sessions! © Barràbes

If there is a significant difference in weight between the climber and the belayer, this will be rocketed up to the first quickdraw, while the first could experience a ground fall. You want to avoid this happening to anybody, especially if we're talking about our partner!

Edelrid, the famous climbing gear brand, offers a solution thanks to the renowned German efficiency. For a few years, the Edelrid OHM has become a must-have for climbing parties with a significant gap in weight.

The cheap solution? Carry a weight bag up to the crag to reduce the difference in weight. In the alternative, you can get an OHM. It's not as cheap as a weighted bag, but it's a better solution than a broken ankle.

3. No more greasy holds on your project with these Skin solution 

Rhino provides products for every kind of skin. You'll have no excuses left with those beauties in the bag © Nature Climbing.

Splits, worn-down fingertips, flappers, sweaty fingers... sometimes climbers' pochette is filled with more skin solution products than a beauty shop. Using Liquid chalk or buying a portable fan are quick solutions that won't prevent your project holds from getting dirty while working on it with your climbing partner. 

If you want to gift better-quality outdoor sessions and fewer excuses for not sending the project, stick with this choice and get some product from Rhino Skin Solutions: they offer plant-based skin care products made by climbers for climbers and utilized regularly by hundreds of pro climbers.

4. Stuck your partner at home with a hang board in the Living room

The Motherboard from Beastmaker and griptonite is the ultimate choice in terms of hang board training     © Beastmaker/griptonite

Hang boards are every climber's best friend. Whether your partner is training for their next challenging project or trying to break out from a plateau, this is an easy bet. Although hang boarding is not recommended for novice climbers if wisely used, it may help to prevent injuries. If you want to avoid getting your partner injured, why don't you get the Holy Bible of hang board training, written by Beastmaker Founder? 

A good choice if performance is a priority, less if you still want your climbing buddy to hit the climbing gym a few times per week! Watch out, though: it can positively or negatively affect your relationship! Getting one of these beauties at home may permanently cut someone's social life.

Outdoor Gear Lab did some testing, and they propose the 5 best hang boards of 2023. In the alternative, Beastmaker wooden hangboard are still the most popular ones on the market. If you and your partner have a thing for data, training, and performance climbing, the MotherBoard from griptonite and Beastmaker will make everyone happy. By definition, you can only make the right gift if you gift a climber with a Beastmaker.

5. Stop getting lost without telling them so with "Find My Guide"

From climbing to 5.000-meter high peaks mountaineering, Find my Guide will allow you and your climbing partner to get in touch with local guides worldwide in just a few clicks.

When adventuring outdoors, visiting a new crag in a foreign country, or making a last-minute change of plans, many things can go wrong. You'll probably forget your lunch or hike for five extra minutes. 

If you are not, you can get lost, pick an abandoned crag with rusty bolts or loose rock, or miss a memorable experience on that impressive mountain simply because you don't feel safe adventuring yourself on a multi-pitch route abroad.

To expand every outdoorsy comfort zone and bring visibility to a wide range of Outdoor Guides, Mapo Tapo developed the Find my Guide service, allowing sports lovers to hire Professional Guides in a few clicks depending on the activity they want to practice. Experiences are more valuable than things, and we worked hard to make this happen, so this is our favorite one!

Cover photo © Massimo Cappuccio of Chiara hugging/climbing some sandstone rock in Scorace Forest, a newly-born bouldering area in Sicily, Italy.